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Who Are We

Eagle Ridge Academy is a college preparatory high school located in Brighton, CO. With our strong focus on student achievement, students are ready to succeed at the college level by the time they graduate from ERA, if they so choose to go. 
Safety is our top priority at ERA! The school has a family environment and we emphasize taking care of each other. Everything from the cleanliness of the building to safety drills and procedures are consistently analyzed in an effort to create the best possible learning environment. 
We focus on a content-rich, academically aggressive approach to education, with an intention to inspire individuals to learn masterfully! ERA has small class sizes, allowing for teachers and students to develop strong relationships and improving student retention and achievement.
We are a satellite campus for Front Range Community College and provide students with the ability to take concurrent enrollment classes and prepare them for their college pathway.
ERA has one of the highest graduation rates in the Denver Metro area. Our students have the highest SAT and PSAT scores in School District 27J. On top of this, ERA graduates are accepted to 4 year universities at an average of 85%, and 2 or 4 year colleges at a rate of 100%.
At ERA, we strive to create an inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and try new things. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved at ERA through our numerous extracurricular activities! Research shows that students who get involved in their school, achieve more. You can find more information about our extracurricular activities by clicking here
Don't see what you are interested in? Find a teacher or staff member to sponsor the club, organization, or activity you are interested in and we will add it to the list!
Students also have opportunities to get involved by attending games, dances, productions, and other events hosted by the school. Parents are always welcome as well!
Faculty & Staff
The faculty and staff at Eagle Ridge Academy are here to guide and support students through their academic career. We will challenge our students, encourage them to take a chance, expand their horizons, and ensure they reach their full potential while growing into phenomenal human beings!
Faculty work relentlessly to plan and provide high quality lessons to meet the needs of their students. Staff are here to support students throughout their tenure with us as well. If you don't know where to go, just ask! Any of our faculty and staff members are happy to help!