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ERA Priority Enrollment Form
Enrollment packets for the 2018/2019 are below.

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Due to ever-increasing interest among families and students to become an Eagle Ridge Academy
Warrior, ERA is offering a priority enrollment period which will begin on Wednesday,
December 13th , 2017 and continue through Wednesday, January 17th , 2018.

During this five week priority enrollment period, families wanting to take part in priority enrollment
will simply fill out a one-page form.

Click for access to Priority Enrollment Form

ERA can offer 155 seats in the 2018 – 2019 freshmen class. On January 18th , 2018, we will look at all those
who have participated in priority enrollment. If the number is less than 155, all students will be
offered enrollment on Friday, January 26 th , 2018. If the number exceeds 155, a lottery will be
held on Friday, January 19th, 2018 to determine enrollment and a waiting list will be created.

To secure your place as an ERA Warrior, it is mandatory that you complete the entire paper
application along with all required documents (available January 9 th to download or you can pick
up a printed copy in the front office of ERA). This paper application, in its entirety – again with
all required documentation, must be submitted to the front office at ERA by 4:00 PM on Friday,
February 2, 2018 to secure your student’s enrollment.

If the entire paper application is not submitted by February 2nd , 2018, then your student will lose his/her place in the freshmen class of 2018/2019. You will also be required to attend an enrollment meeting (several times and options will be offered), and students are also required to participate in placement testing in May. The
entire process must be completed to secure your student’s enrollment.

Eagle Ridge Academy will continue to accept applications and assign seats as available and in
the order that they are received if all seats are not filled during the priority enrollment period. A
second lottery may be held to fill remaining seats.
Enrollment Forms in Spanish