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Frequently Asked Questions


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Jamie Edwards

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Phone: 303-655-0773 Option 4



When can I enroll my 8th grade or high school student for the next school year?

Priority enrollment will open November 1st till January 31st for the fall of the next school year. Application will open and you must apply between the timeframe in order to be placed into the lottery. On January 31st, the application will temporarily close while our registrar goes through the applications to ensure they are complete and ready to be placed into the lottery.


When does the lottery take place?

Lottery will take place at the end of February. You will be notified when the lottery is happening, and then afterwards, if your student has been offered a seat.


What happens if I do not enroll my student during the early/priority enrollment period?

If you fail to fill out the application during the priority timeframe, you must wait until the application is reopened and apply. At this time, priority placement is no longer considered. Your student will automatically be placed onto our wait list where you must wait until we contact you about an opening.


What documents do I need to obtain to upload before I enroll my student?

Before you start the application, please make sure you have these documents to upload. (We do not accept paper copies)

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of residency
  3. Transcript or latest report card


If these documents are not upload appropriately, your application is considered incomplete and will not be accepted into the lottery or the wait list.


What do I do once my student has been accepted?

Once you have officially accepted the seat…Wait. To enroll your student, our registrar works very hard to ensure all proper steps are taken to fully enroll your student into the school. You will be contacted when we need anything from you.


How do I check the status of my waitlist position?

Your waitlist placement is on your application portal. There you can check the status of your application as well as your waitlist position.


How do I register my freshman for classes?

New students enrolled with ERA go through a different process for their freshmen year. Families of the incoming students will be contacted in the Spring and/or Summer before their starting school year to schedule placement testing. This placement testing is for math, science, and Spanish, if applicable. Freshmen will them have their schedules built based on those scores. Freshmen do not choose their electives their first year. Their core classes are assigned based on placement testing and the elective classes are scheduled around those core classes by the counselors. Once all schedules are finalized, they will be made available in Infinite Campus to the students. That usually is around the last week of summer before school begins. If there is a conflict with their schedule, the freshmen has the option to meet with their counselor the first week of school after they receive their schedule.


My student has a special plan (IEP, 504, Gifted, English Learner). Can they attend ERA?

Absolutely! ERA prides itself on it's inclusive environment and serves a wide range of students needs within the general classrooms setting. For more information about our special populations services, please click here.


My student has a special plan (IEP, 504, Gifted, English Learner) and I did not see a place on the application to note that?

Not to worry! We don't ask about this information in our application process as we do not discriminate in our application and lottery process. If your student is accepted to ERA, we will follow up with you about any special plans that your student might have. At this point, we will want to ensure that your child's plan is transferred from their current middle school to Eagle Ridge Academy so that their transition to high school is as smooth as possible and we can ensure their needs are met.