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Summer School

Summer School 2022

If your student has failed one or more classes this year, then they must take the courses in summer school in order to make up the credit. 

Summer School: June 1st - June 23rd

Registration: Click here Summer School Registration

Counselors will continue to email links and information to students!


  • Online through Edgenuity
  • Every Wednesday, students must come in for an in-person check-in with the summer school teacher between: 8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.


Important Information:

  • Each class will be $120 
  • Students can only take one class at a time
  • Students will work on the course(es) during their own time online.
  • The final exams for the courses MUST BE taken in-person with the summer school teacher. Students should use this link to sign up for their in-person final exams.
  • IF students do not finish a course within the four weeks given for summer school, then they must pay to retake it in the fall.


Click here for the Summer School FAQ