Student Fees

All fee balances are assessed and shown on the parent portal of Infinite Campus. Once you determine the amount due by looking at Infinite Campus, use the link below to make a payment. 
To pay fees online:
Want to know if you qualify for free or reduced school fees? Please create an account fill out this application online.
For help making a School Pay account, see the following guide:
2023-2024 Student Fee Schedule:
Eagle Ridge Academy assesses fees three times a year: (1) Annual fees in August, (2) First semester course fees in September, and (3) Second semester course fees in January. The fee amounts are set by the ERA Board of Directors and can be found on our website under “Family Resources”, then “Student Fees”. A copy is also included in this packet. Fee balances are reflected in Infinite Campus and payments can be made through after fees are assessed.
Annual Fees:
For the 2023-24 school year, annual fees total $120.00 for 9th through 11th grade and $145.00 for 12th grade. This total includes the class fee as well as the technology fee. These fees will only be assessed once during the school year. Please refer to the enclosed fee schedule for details on the use of the fee.
Course Fees:
Each semester, students will be charged course fees based on their individual schedule. The course fees are assessed in lieu of sending a school supply list. THEREFORE, STUDENTS WILL NOT RECEIVE A SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST. The course fees are used to support the unique needs of the classrooms and the school will purchase the necessary supplies needed in each classroom.
Free/Reduced Lunch Qualification:
If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunches, you may be eligible for a reduction in the amount of fees owed. Fee adjustments can only be made with proof of qualifying for the federal lunch program. This can be accomplished by providing the finance office with a copy of the determination letter or if 27j has permission the family’s permission to share the information with the school. Beginning in 2023-24, the state will provide funding for all students to eat district provided meals at no cost to families. Students eating on campus will receive free meals. THIS IS A SEPARATE LUNCH PROGRAM AND DOES NOT QUALIFY STUDENTS FOR FEE REDUCTIONS OR WAIVERS. For any school assessed fee, including athletic fees, to be adjusted, families must complete a federal free/reduced lunch application and meet the federal guidelines. These applications are included in this packet. Again, don’t assume that since your student is eating district sponsored meals for free that fees can be adjusted. Please complete and submit the enclosed free/reduced lunch application to determine if students qualify for the adjustments.
Athletics and Student Activities Fees:
Fees for extracurricular activities will be assessed after students have made the final roster for athletic teams or clubs. Please do not send payment or pay for athletic fees prior to the fee being added to Infinite Campus. Once payments are received, they cannot be refunded. Due to district policy, students may not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities or athletics if an outstanding fee balance is owed to Eagle Ridge Academy or any other district school. Please check Infinite Campus to determine if your student has an outstanding balance.
Other fees may be assessed throughout the year as necessary. These include, but are not limited to testing fees, credit recovery fees, student ID replacements, or costs of damaged or lost equipment.
For questions regarding the free/reduced lunch program, please contact the district’s Nutrition Services Office. All other fee questions can be directed to Tara Gallegos at [email protected].