Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony

We are excited to announce our Class of 2021 Graduation ceremony details! After much consideration, Eagle Ridge has decided to hold an outdoor ceremony on campus for students and their families. Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 11AM is the date and time for this event.

We contemplated numerous options, consulted with the other district high schools and reviewed the TriCounty health guidelines before ultimately deciding that this would be the best way for all to celebrate and honor our Class of 2021.

We will be able to seat the students, safely distanced, in front of a stage, which they will be able to walk across and receive their diplomas. Special guests, speakers and faculty will be in attendance. We will provide a parking space for one car per family to watch the ceremony. Your family will be allowed to bring as many people as will fit in their car, safely, in our school parking lot.. The family members must stay in their car while on campus. In addition to the stage, we will have large screens placed strategically in the parking lot for viewing the ceremony comfortably. There will be a sound system to broadcast the event and for those who cannot attend the ceremony live, we will be live streaming the event online. Per health guidelines for all high school seated ceremonies, indoors or in stadiums, will be limited to two spectators per graduate in yellow or blue categories. This type of outdoor 'drive-in' style of ceremony we are planning will allow for a full car, potentially 5-7 people, to attend and watch their graduate receive their diploma live.

This is just a broad outline of the graduation ceremony. We wanted to give you this information now so you have time to make plans for the date and time. Our 'Important Dates for Seniors'  page on our website will have dates and times listed for future reference. We know this is a difficult year for graduates and we hope to offer them a memorable event, in spite of our circumstances. 

Thank you for being patient with us while we developed a plan for our graduating class that will offer them a safe and memorable event for all!