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Dr. Vincent grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, where he attended Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, a public magnet school with a college prep emphasis similar to Eagle Ridge Academy’s. In addition to being actively involved in science clubs and competitions, he was on the cross-country team for four years.

After graduation, he studied at the University of Oklahoma, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in microbiology with a minor in chemistry. He then moved back to Missouri, where he attended graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis. His graduate research focused on understanding how the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease is able to survive inside immune cells that are normally able to kill bacteria. He obtained his Ph.D. in molecular microbiology and microbial pathogenesis in December of 2006. 

Dr. Vincent spent the next three years in Dresden, Germany, doing postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics studying organ regeneration in salamanders. Salamanders have the remarkable ability to regenerate body parts after injury, and the lab where he worked is trying to understand this process and apply it to human medicine.

After finishing his postdoctoral research fellowship, he moved with his family to Colorado to pursue a career in science education. He hopes to convey to his students that science is not just about memorizing obscure facts; it is about creative thinking, teamwork, and solving real-world problems. When he isn’t teaching, Dr. Vincent enjoys reading, gardening, practicing martial arts, and spending time with his wife, son, and their many pets.