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Online Learning Plan

Spring Semester Learning Plan - The full plan can be accessed here.
Here are a few highlights:
1. LIVE and online classes will be held Tuesday-Friday from 8:00 - 2:55. Here is the schedule:
Period Time Period Time
1 8:00 - 9:30 1 8:00 - 9:30
2 9:35 - 11:05 2 9:35 - 11:05
Lunch A 11:05 - 11:45 3 11:10 - 12:40
3 11:50 - 1:20 Lunch B 12:40 - 1:20
4 1:25 - 2:55 4 1:25 - 2:55
Period Time Period Time
5 8:00 - 9:30 5 8:00 - 9:30
6 9:35 - 11:05 6 9:35 - 11:05
Lunch A 11:05 - 11:45 7 11:10 - 12:40
7 11:50 - 1:20 Lunch B 12:40 - 1:20
8 1:25 - 2:55 8 1:25 - 2:55
2. To join the live classes or teachers' office hours:
***Make sure student is logged into their account and not a personal one***
- Go to (or use the waffle icon to access Meets)
- Click "Use a Meeting Code" to type in a meeting nickname or code. Here is the list of teachers' codes (first initial last name):
Staff Class/Content Meeting Code
Hansen English dhansen
Hertz English dhertz
Hildebrand Science mhildebrand
Hose Social Studies shose
Hyk (Mr.) Math bhyk
Hyk (Mrs.) P.E. mhyk
Irving Counseling airving
Kantola Science jkantola
Kimray Math jkimray
Leeper (Mr.) Social Studies cleeper
Leeper (Mrs.) Technology jleeper
Lisman Art alisman
Merz Math mmerz
Montesano English emontesano
Montour Social Studies mmontour
Palmer Arts/Theater kpalmer
Ramirez Spanish mramirez
Rodriguez Spanish irodriguez
Scarsi Counseling bscarsi
Sebastiani Technology ssebastiani
Sherman Math bsherman
Sirios Science bsirios
Terlizzi Special Education bterlizzi
Vincent Science cvincent
Wharton Spanish lwharton
Willson English cwillson
Yost Social Studies cyost
Zerwick Math azerwick
3. ATTENDANCE: Students must log in to their LIVE Google Meets on time - at the beginning of each session. (Tip: always arrive early or "before the bell") Teachers will be taking attendance. The Google Form on the website no longer exists.
4. Online Norms: Cameras on! 🎥 😀 For safety and accountability purposes, ERA expects students to have cameras on during the live classes (just like students would be physically present in a classroom). If the family foresees a problem with this, please reach out to the teachers or counselor. Teachers have the authority to designate times for cameras to be off. To provide privacy for students and their family, there are settings students can use on Google Meet to blur their background, or we recommend a simpler method of just sitting in front of a wall. 
5. Use Infinite Campus to view students' classes/teachers. The bell schedule on Infinite Campus will only be used when we are able to return to in-person classes. Use the times listed above to make sure students log in to their live classes at the right time.
Chromebook Check Out Form
Please fill out the form in order to lease a chromebook from ERA. Once you have completed it, please call the school to arrange a pick-up time. (English form and Spanish form)
Available Help for Students:
- Synchronous Learning Time: students will be able to ask their teachers questions during the live lesson times (they will either be able to turn their mic on to ask or send a question on the Q&A feature of the Meet)
- Individual Help: students can email or call teachers to schedule an appointment for help. They can arrange a Google Meet or get help through email.
Other Helpful Videos & Resources for Parents/Guardians: